Learn how to build ecommerce website

Building E-Commerce Websites and Marketing

Building E-Commerce Websites and Marketing

building ecommerce websites

E-commerce means buying and selling goods and services on an online platform. Whether Starting an Ecommerce business or expanding an existing business with an Ecommerce website can be highly profitable, as the overhead costs of running a web site are very small compared to running a physical shop and you have access to a global market and will make the shopping experience quicker, easier and more enjoyable for your customers - and ultimately drive sales.

In other words, we can say E-commerce is like a salesman in a store, walking along with consumer at every step to ensure best guidance possible. This module is a guide for those who wish to build their own E-commerce website. It will take you to a journey of setting up an E-commerce website, building audience and testing it.

From the year 2009 to 2014, E-commerce sales increase by 560%, for the upcoming year 2015, it is statistically calculated that India’s industry will be around $24 Billion .

Building E-Commerce Websites  and Marketing Course Modules

  • What is e commerce?
  • Top ecommerce websites around the world
  • Ecommerce scenario in India
  • How to do SEO of an e commerce website
  • Why you need a solid ecommerce marketing strategy
  • Formulating right ecommerce marketing strategy
  • Using affiliate marketing to promote your ecommerce business
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