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Introduction of Digital Marketing


Introduction of Digital Marketing

introduction to e-commerce and internet marketing

Internet marketing or Digital marketing generally refers to the selling, promoting products and services via internet through websites, e-mail, social media and other online media.

It combines creative and technical features of the Internet with design, development, advertising and sales using websites with effective contents for a product or service. The use of the Internet increases interactions and engagement between customers and the brand.

This module is an introduction to the Ins and Outs of the internet marketing & ecommerce and learns internet marketing techniques.

Introduction of Digital Marketing

  • What is marketing?
  • What is digital marketing?
  • Understanding Marketing Process
  • Why Digital Marketing wins over traditional Marketing?
  • Understanding Digital Marketing Process
  • Increasing Visibility

    • What is visibility?
    • Types of visibility
    • Examples of visibility
  • Visitors Engagement

    • What is engagement?
    • Why it is important?
    • Examples of engagement
  • Bringing Targeted Traffic

    • inbound
    • Outbound
  • Conversion Leads

    • Types of Conversion
    • Understanding Conversion Process
  • Retention

    • Why it is important?
    • Types of Retention
  • Performance Evaluation

    • Why it is Important?
    • Tools Needed
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