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Online Display Advertising

Online Display Advertising

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Online advertising also known as Internet advertising is the process of delivering promotional marketing messages to consumers through internet. It includes advertising networks, blogs, banner ads, rich media ads, interstitial ads, contextual ads on search engine result pages, social network advertising, online classified adverting, dynamic banner ads, e-mail marketing and cross platform ads.
It is quite result oriented as you can use targeted ads for different viewers to see different advertisements on the same page. Besides, it is less expensive than other forms of advertising, easily measurable and has wider coverage.

Online Display Advertising

  • What is online advertising?
  • Types of Online Advertising
  • Display Advertising
    • Banner ads
    • Rich Media ads
    • Pop ups and Pop under ads
  • Contextual advertising
    • In Text ads
    • In image ads
    • In video ads
    • In page ads
  • What are Payment Modules
  • Companies that provide online advertising Solution
  • Tracking 8- Measuring ROI of online adv.
  • Assignment on allocating funds to various
  • online advertising Platforms
  • Creating Banner Ads Using Tools
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